Hotel Viceory Los Cabos

Automation in rooms:
  • Lighting
  • Audio
  • TV
  • Cortinas
  • Temperature
  • Interacción con los servicios del hotel: Room Service, Spa, etc.
Automatización en áreas comunes:
  • Lighting
  • Audio
  • Video

The desert landscape and contemporary architecture go hand in hand in this five-star hotel located in San José del Cabo. The promise of Mar Adentro is to offer its guests the highest standard in comfort and to achieve this, Control4 technology was the logical choice. Thus, in the rooms the lighting, the audio, the TV, the curtains and the temperature were automated. In addition, our technology allows the guest to interact with the services offered by a hotel, such as requesting room service or housekeeping, making reservations at the spa or requesting the valet parking car, all in an easier and more practical way.

To the above, it must be added that lighting, audio and video of common areas were also automated so that guests and employees can interact in the spaces. In this way, Control4 technology made the lodging experience at Mar Adentro even more surprising.

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