Toro Restaurant, Park Plaza

  • Intelligent audio installation that is controlled via interface or remotely indoors and outdoors
  • The sound system was installed in planters, thus respecting the aesthetics of the place
  • An automated video system was installed for four areas of the premises

The decoration of this restaurant is dominated by wood, Mexican, Mediterranean and Latin details, which achieve a warm and welcoming atmosphere, but it should be noted that Toro is located in Park Plaza, a mixed-use property located in the financial district of La Mexico City: Santa Fe, the sector that offers the most modern face of the capital, so in accordance with this idea of ​​modernity and innovation, the partners of the place decided to use Control4 technology to offer a space in which eats excellently in a controlled environment. To achieve this, the automated audio system provides ambient sound at a perfect volume, both in the living room and on the terrace, achieving an experience that appeals to all the senses.

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